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Maxim Champ slingshot- Polymer

 The Maxim Champ is the smallest of the three new models from FlippinOut Slingshots.   This slingshot was co-designed with Ray Bazonski, the 2012, 2013, 2014 Overall First place winner and 'champ' of the East Coast Slingshot Tournament.  Ray scaled down the Maxim Tactical to accommodate his preference for extremely small and minimal slingshots.  The slingshot still boasts 3/4" wide fork tip attachments, so that heavier bands may be used, and just like all slingshots sporting the 3G fork tips from FlippinOut, this slingshot is set up to shoot any elastic you want.

For the shooter who prefers a very small slingshot or ladies and children, the Maxim Champ is a perfect choice.  The narrow handle section allows the ring and middle fingers to grip the slingshot wherein that grip pressure "pulls" the handle butt and upper forks into a seated position. This naturally allows the shooter to hold the slingshot in the same position from shot to shot. For more information check out this video.

The Maxim Champ Slingshot is crafted from extremely strong and durable 5/8" thick HDPE polymer for lasting strength and good looks.  The perfect choice for the boat, camper, or truck- now you never need be more than a few steps from a dependable slingshot.  Also an excellent choice for beginners as it cannot be damaged by fork hits.

Capable of shooting any propulsion system available- from chained office rubber bands to flatbands, the Maxim Champ Slingshot satisfies.

The slingshot comes with a paracord lanyard and  banded with natural latex dipped,looped tubes and top grain leather pouch.

Maxim Champ slingshot- Polymer has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 15 reviews.