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Inspired by the award winning Axiom design and do it all FlippinOut exclusive 3G forktips, the Scout slingshot from FlippinOut Slingshots represents precision, quality, and affordability in one do-it-all package.  100% designed and made in the USA, the Scout is manufactured in Louisiana by a company that supplies the medical industry- so quality is second to none and what you have come to expect from FlippinOut Slingshots.

The glass filled nylon construction provides an extremely strong and durable frame, capable of withstanding heavy use and errant fork hits without fear of failure.  The rubber overmold provides a warm and repeatable purchase on the slingshot, ensuring comfort and consistency.

Capable of being fitted with any elastic available, the Scout provides adaptability and the opportunity to stick to just one slingshot frame, while experimenting with various elastics- from wrist rocket tubes to chained office rubber bands, the Scout can wear it all and shoot it well.  The Scout comes banded with single layer .030" medical latex bands and premium leather pouch, but can shoot whatever you want to put on it with minor do it yourself modifications.


The slingshot easily accommodates a variety of shooting styles, whether hammer grip, fork supported, or pinched.  What's more, the unique and FlippinOut Signature asymmetrical palmswell allows both the youngster with small hands and the brawniest of hands to comfortably shoot.  For those with small hands, simply turn the slingshot around backwards, and the palmswell creates a good fit for kids and ladies.  Shot with the maker's mark facing the the shooter, one has the option of any popular grip style.

Fork Supported


Pinch Grip


and Hammer Grip



  •  5.75" tall
  • 2-3/8" between the forks
  • 4" overall fork width
  •  3/4" thick fork cross section
  • 7/8" fork tip width
  •  5/16" diameter tube holes
  • weight- 4.6oz
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