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Wild Bills Rumblin' and Ramblin's

Wild Bill loves slingshots!  And he is one heckuva craftsman who has dabbled in many, many trades, making him a master of quite a few... especially slingshots.

We are excited to have Wild Bill with us as a visiting craftsman and hope you enjoy craftsmanship as much as we do his great company, he is the consummate southern man!

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'Scrappy' by Wild Bill Slingshots

I always hang on, to all, cut offs and scraps from other projects. Most of the forks that I use is Rhododendron. Last year I was working on a Rhododendron “ Natural Starship”. I wanted to build the complete “Starship” from one limb/fork.

I went on a fork hunt with my Son  and two miles from the truck I find this huge Rhododendron limb (five foot long and five inches in diameter) that looked like it would serve my purpose. It had a natural handle, frame/body, brace and forks. It was a beast to carry out. I was able to complete my project and had one small chunk of the limb left. It went into the scrap pile.

Many months went by and while digging through my pile of drying forks, there lay this unworthy looking chunk of wood. I measured it out and decided that there would be just enough to cut out a small Slingshot.

I cut the piece from the heartwood and shaped  it with a Straight Wrist Hammer grip as well as Fork Supported, for the left hand. After completing the “fitting” it feels about as good in the right hand. It will fit any size hand but is extremely comfortable with medium to small.

As the sanding process progressed I began to see an amazing grain pattern developing. I just knew that after, it had it’s  Oil Bath, it would be astounding. After 30 hours in the negative pressure oil bath with a mixture of Tung, Danish and Linseed oils,  I pulled it out and almost shed a tear. It amazes me of the “Natural Art” that God shares with us.

The finish is buffed and polished with two coats of wax.

After showing the finished piece to my wife and told her the story , she responded with “Her name is Scrappy”

SS# 28

The slingshot is sold

Written by Nathan Masters — July 12, 2012